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Post-Judgment Enforcement 




If you have won a civil judgment against a debtor, whether person or company, who cannot be found or who simply refuses to pay, then our judgment recovery services are what you need. Our office also provides judgment enforcement of spousal support orders, family law judgments, and criminal restitution orders. We research each judgment debtor free of charge to determine whether to recommend further pursuit of collection activity.



Collections, Pre-litigation, & Litigation

At the Law Office of Michael N. Berke we recognize that every client and case is unique. We focus our efforts to resolve claims prior to litigation by direct contact. If further collection activity is warranted and remains unresolved, we then investigate the debtor’s assets to determine if it is worthwhile for our clients to litigate. In addition, an area often overlooked, we ascertain the correct parties to the suit. By utilizing pre-judgment remedies to attach assets before judgment whenever possible, it allows the creditor to tie up a debtor’s assets and encourages the case to settle before judgment. If the case goes to judgment, these procedures ensure that the defendant has assets to satisfy the judgment and they have not been hidden or transferred.

Our Services

The Law Office of Michael N. Berke has received many referrals from numerous law firms on behalf of the clients’ post judgment needs as well as the firm’s own aging accounts receivable matters. We resolve legal fee disputes in a quick and efficient manner that ensures protection of our client’s reputation as well as recovering those fees rightfully earned.

Attorney's Fees Disputes

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