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"Our office is successful in getting commercial judgments entered for our clients and can do passive collection efforts but when the client really needs to enforce and COLLECT on their commercial judgment we know exactly where to refer them. Michael Berke, Esq. and his team have the tools and skills needed to collect on commercial judgments and get our clients the money that they have been awarded. I never hesitate to offer a referral to Michael Berke's office when a client wants to see some results from their hard won judgment."


Leslie A. Bower, Esq.

Bower & Associates

"Mike Berke is the best I have ever worked with. Easy to work with; very effective and never gives up."


Richard “Tag” Hoefflin, Attorney at Law

Our Team


The Law Office of Michael N. Berke is an experienced law firm focused upon collections for over 35 years from inception of the claim assignment through litigation, judgment and post recovery efforts. Whether the debt arises from business transactions, real estate based claims, family law orders and judgments, we possess the knowledge and skill to provide our clients with the least costliest and most rewarding resolution possible. Our law firm provides services to both local and national clientele who seek to enforce claims against debtors and their assets throughout the United States.



The Law Office of Michael N. Berke understands that defendants/judgment debtors have certain priorities in their lives and resist informal resolution necessitating involvement of collection professionals. Our experience over the years has resulted in the development of tactics and strategies to “motivate” debtors to acknowledge their obligations.


News and Links

 [1]-A judgment debtor was not entitled to an acknowledgment of partial satisfaction of the judgment when a senior lienholder's title insurer paid the judgment creditor the amount of the judgment lien to avoid a sale of property because the agreement between the insurer and the creditor did not result in any payment by the debtor, but was entered into neither for the benefit of nor at the expense of the debtor, serving to protect the insurer from a loss of a greater amount; [2]-Case law stating that a plaintiff was entitled only to a single recovery of full compensatory damages for a single injury was inapposite because the payment made by the insurer did not compensate the creditor for the injury caused by the debtor, but instead was consideration for the creditor's agreement not to exercise a legal right that was separate from the judgment.

Tikosky v. Yehuda (2018) 19 Cal. App. 5th 1224.  Mr. Berke reperesented the Plaintiff in his successful appeal.  

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Areas of Practice




1.  Judgment Enforcement


2.  Attorney Fee recovery

3.  Commercial Leases

4.  Family Law


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